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How to get a Second U.S. Passport

Second passports have a validity of 2 (two) years and may not be renewed. Approval of the issue of a second valid passport in determined solely by the U.S. Passport Agency, based the applicant’s requirement for the passport.

All documents must be signed and mailed to us. You may not scan and email us these documents because the Department of State requires original signatures.


Completed passport application. To ease the passport application process, applicants requesting passport service must now use this online form only.

Application Form DS-82


We recommend that you have these pictures taken professionally. Lucky for you at V4 we can take care of this for you when you drop off your application and documents.

Order Form

You must submit your most recently issued valid 10 year passport. Copies will not suffice, it must be original.

Current Passport

Flight itinerary or company letter requesting rush service.

Call us at (214) 396 8120 to ask about a Sample Letter.


Explanation of Requirement for Second Valid Passport

Letter signed by the applicant addressed to the Passport Agency explaining why a second passport is necessary.

Call us at (214) 396 8120 to ask about a Sample Letter.